Planning a Robust Retirement

Planning a Robust Retirement Yusuf Abugideiri, CFP is a partner and Senior Financial Planner for Yeske Buie. The Yeske Buie team’s purpose is to empower people to pursue their Live Big® lives.

Yusuf holds an M.A. in Economics from George Mason University and a B.S. in Finance from Virginia Tech’s Pamplin College of Business. He has been practicing financial planning since 2009.

Yusuf has been recognized as a top financial professional by several respected publications. Washingtonian Magazine has named him a Top Financial Advisor every year since 2019, and he has been named to Northern Virginia Magazine’s list of Top Financial Professionals annually since 2020. Yusuf also appeared in a TV commercial that ran on several networks from 2019-2021 as part of Schwab’s Independent Difference Campaign*

Yusuf will present” Planning a Robust Retirement.” This presentation explores how a good retirement is not just about your accounts. The focus is on the factors beyond your account balance that make for a satisfying retirement. Discover:

  • Live Big Idea #1: Envision your retirement journey
  • Live Big Idea #2: Re-discovering you
  • Live Big Idea #3: Health is multi-dimensional
  • Live Big Idea #4: Growth and development in adulthood
  • Live Big Idea #5: A satisfactory retirement is an adaptive challenge

Webinar attendees will become aware of how a well-thought-out financial plan is important. However, a singular focus on that is insufficient because a good retirement is not just about how much you have saved. A good retirement is about what you have saved that money for.

Yusuf Abuegideiri, CFP
Yeske Buie
Voice: 800-772-1887
Email: yusuf@yebu.com
URL: https://yebu.com/

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