Does Financial Planning Fit into Your Future?

Armed with personal examples and client stories from her 20-year career as a financial planner, Nancy Langdon Jones will help you answer that question. First, learn some of the many reasons you might want to meet with a financial planner. Then, understand what to expect from such a meeting and how a financial planner will ultimately save you money. Spoiler alert: whether you’re already a financial planner, teaching or studying to be a financial planner, or a curious consumer wondering whether financial planning fits into your future, after hearing Nancy’s presentation, you’ll know that the answer is YES! This presentation includes:

  • Examples of the reasons for meeting with a financial planner
  • Discover what can you expect from a financial planner
  • Uncover the different ways financial advisers are compensated

Attendees will gain an awareness of when it is time to engage a financial planner. Understand the width and breadth of the valuable advice that can assist you in securing your financial future.

Virtual UMGC Financial Wellness Day is free and open to the public. Members of the news media are invited to attend the event and interview the organizers. Register today!
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